At Rain Diva we have spent years perfecting the ideal hat to specifically protect a woman's hair from moisture and the elements. We have consulted with leading hair stylists, hat designers, fabric manufacturers and fashion designers to produce this unique patent-pending design.

What makes Rain Diva unique? The hat has a protective pocket (a snood) that folds, allowing longer hair to fit without compromising the wearer's style. No need to squish your hair into the confines of a conventional hat. Once secured in the Rain Diva, your hair is completely protected.

So why Rain Diva instead of other hats, umbrellas or hoodies? Rain Diva is portable; there is never a reason not to have one. You can wear it and still keep your hands free for shopping, putting the kids in the car or hailing that cab. Our design completely protects your hair even from driving rain and wind. Rain Diva is comfortable enough to wear for hours if necessary. Its modern yet retro look make it a must for the city fashionista, the outdoorsy hiker, or the active golfer. Anyone can be a Rain Diva


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